Welcome to dadmancult.com, a website devoted to the quirky, offbeat, little seen, unloved, hastily cancelled, poorly reviewed, loss making, neglected gems that live on through DVD and Bluray, and drunken conversations that start with “Do you remember that thing, right? You know...with that guy?”

The mainstream won’t be ignored either, and reviews and blogs will slowly build up which maybe, just maybe, might push you in the direction of something you’ve never seen, never wanted to see, or just weren’t quite sure about.

That’s not all though. This site is also an opportunity to display my growing collection of artwork. After starting off illustrating for the murky, geeky and largely photocopied world of fanzines, and the occasional convention and even a proper magazine here and there, I took a rest for a decade and concentrated solely on graphic design. Now I’m back building a folio of artwork, and that artwork can be seen on this site, where it is also available for purchase.

Did I mention you can buy artwork?

If you switch off ‘The Empire Strikes Back’ immediately after the Hoth / AT-AT bit, always make an effort to DVR any sequel with ‘3’ in the title, look for Brad Douriff in the cast of anything you fancy watching, think the perfect night is a bottle of Vodka, ‘Day of the Daleks’ and trying to spot Katy Manning’s pants, and you can construct semi-intelligent sentences and know when to use “your” and “you’re”.....then get in touch.

True Blood Season 6 and Me

Also, while I'm here and being productive, my artwork will be featuring in the upcoming Season 6 of True Blood. If I remember rightly it will first appear is Episode 3, and my Frank Langella and Christopher Lee Dracula prints will be used as set decoration. Follow the links to my Etsy store.
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New Artwork by the Bucketload

Over the next few days I'll be trying to bring the site smack up to date with all the new artwork I've done since the last time I was here. Gosh. Was it really that long ago? Anyway, there is a tonne of new stuff to come, and there is already some new stuff up already. Follow links to Etsy to buy any prints! No, really, buy some prints!
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Did You Think I Was Dead?

Sorry to disappoint. Just been busy. But look here, Edgar Wright, Simon Pegg and Nick Frost have been busy too, and The World's End is nearly upon us. Here's the new UK Quad.
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